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Your satisfaction with our titles and applications is very important. If you are not happy with the game or just bored after 10 days, then you can get a refund. We are happy to refund your money. If you are unsatisfied for some other reason such as our privacy policies, or a violation of our policies, please let us know. You can send us email at and tell us your concerns.

We are bound by the terms and policies of the marketplace in which you purchase the software. That means we have follow their guidelines for refunding your money. No, we will not send you a check. No, we will not send you any kind of hard currency. You purchased the software using a payment card, and we will refund your money against such a card. If that card is no longer in your possession, or you have lost that card, then we can not refund your money, unless there is a holding account established in the marketplace where you purchased our software. In that case, we will refund your money to your holding account in the marketplace.


Your privacy is very important to us. We are a game and entertainment company, not a data collection and analysis company. While we will collect some odd information about your game experience, be assured that we are using it ONLY to improve your entertainment experience. In the following we will describe the types of data to be collected from your device.

  • Environment Sensor : We may collect information about your gaming environment, such as temperature, relative humidity, angular displacement relative to magnetic zero, and any other environment details offered by your device. This can help us to get a better understanding of where you play the game and how you play the game relative to your physical environment. It may not seem important to you, but your physical environment can have a large impact on your gaming experience, and we want to know how you perform so that we can adjust the game settings to maximize your enjoyment of the title.
  • Phone Number/MEID/UID : We will collect a UID or some unique identifier such as your telephone number (one of them) when you save your data to our servers. This will establish a unique relationship between your device and our servers, which will also uniquely identifiy your session. When you link your phone number to your personal profile on our systems, then you will have a global view of your save data AND sensor data that we collect.
  • Passwords and e-Mail : When you create an account on our servers you will be giving us a password and your email address. These items are private to you and we will encrypt them appropriately. The passwords are non-reversible, so if you forget your password, we will assign a new one that you will then use to login and reset with a password that only you can know. Your email address will be encrypted but will be reversible with a passkey that is only to our systems and their security administrators.
  • Payment Information : We don't keep your payment information on file. We will keep a receipt record of your payment to us so that we can refund your money if you request it. The marketplace where you purchased our software is where your payment information is stored and we do NOT have access to that information. We also don't want it.
  • WiFi MAC : We will use your WiFi adapter's machine address code (MAC) as part of your UID to our servers. This number may uniquely identify your device, and when connected to a user account, will connect your device to your person. You will be able to control whether or not that connection exists. We just collect the MAC as part of the UID.

End User License/Rights

When you download and install our applications or games, you are termed the "End User." This means that the application image, the thing you downloaded from the marketplace, stops with you and is not allowed to go to any other person-device. What that does mean, is that you are allowed to install the image on any of your devices for you and your nuclear/immediate family's enjoyment only. This is also known as a household-device license. Outside of your household, the people are not covered and you are not allowed to share our software with them.

What you can do with our software: play, enjoy, share, and comment. What you can not do: decompile, reconstruct source, or make use of our code and its binary image in any partial work, or complete copy thereof said software/game/application. Should you make use of the software in an unapproved way you would be in violation of US copyright law and its treaty counter laws in your province or location. Please respect our applications and games by not making illegal copies. If you like them, continue to purchase them so that we can afford to make free games too.

Our responsibilities: To our knowledge, the software will not do any damage to your device. If our software makes use of a physical component on your device that requires power amplification, e.g. sound, radio antennae, SD card, then you run the risk of damage to your device if that hardware is not functioning properly. You can ALWAYS disable these features in our applications and games so that there is no risk of damage. If your device is functioning properly, then no damage will occur in your device as the result of our software.

Quality of Service

QoS covers the service that we provide to you via the Internet. The Internet is a noisy place and is subject to random outages, slow performance, and other occurrences that are unexplained and out of our control. Our side will be maintained in a 99.9% uptime status, but the rest of the Internet may not. If you find that our games are slow when transitioning between screens or "states," then likely the network connection is poor. In that case, disable the network play option and realize a faster performance in the game. If the slow performance persists, then a problem with the software may have occurred, such as running out of memory or a physical failure on your device. Any form of input/output during game play will make your experience slow.


By installing and using our software, in any form, and on any device where it is installed, you are agreeing to our terms of use as described in this page. If you do not agree to our terms, then you must uninstall the software and request a refund.

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