The Mayan Clock

The shown time is 9:22
The date is 15 March 2012.

The Mayan Clock

The outer ring of the clock is the hour, where the current hour is shown at the top of the ring. The ring will rotate counter-clockwise to always show the current hour at the top of the ring. The icon at the center of the clock is the current hour.


The inner rings of the clock are the minutes of the current hour shown using the common Mayan dot notation. The inner-most ring is the 20 to the 1st power indicator, where no dots means zero, 1 dot is 20, and 2 dots are 40. The outer 4 rings are sets of 5, where a 5 is indicated as the full arc segment, and the values 1 through 4 are indicated by 1 through 4 dots. To determine the minutes you start with the outer rings to determine the one's place, much like we determine the one's place values for decimal. There are 4 rings, and you just add up the dots, treating full segments as 5. When you get to the inner ring where there are only two sets of dots, you are at the 20's place (like our 10's place in decimal). No dots in the 20's place is zero, one dot is 20, and two dots are 40. Add up the values and you get your minutes.


The numbers below the clock are the current long count date. Note that the end of the Mayan calendar occurs on the day following where the 13th b'aktun ends and the date becomes